Friday, March 30, 2012

inching along...

I was going to put a picture up of those gross green inch worms that are everywhere right now (mainly in my back yard) but I couldn't even bear to look at a picture of those nasty little things!

I want them to go away!

They are all over the place. I was pulling them out of the kids hair yesterday, gag!

I have a serious aversion to anything that semi- slithers...

snakes - deathly terrified of them!

worms- I cringe

inch worms- for some reason these little guys just gross me the hell out!


I can't even talk about it anymore....

in other better and exciting news....

I'm pretty we sure we have an almost, semi-potty trained big girl!!!!!!!

She's peeing in the potty every time, and hasn't had a single accident in 3 days!


We haven't dealt with the #2 issue yet. She's holding it in, like she did before when we first started this process. So, I think today is the day when it's going to have to come out!

hopefully it will come out in the potty and not in her underwear.

Have you ever tried to clean that up in a toddler's underwear? Hardest task EVER!

Sorry I'm talking about #2 on the blog, but this IS a mom blog, so I guess that kind of comes with the territory....right?

I'll have better shit to talk about next post!

No pun intended :)

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Birthday Planning...

The Big Girl Turns 3 on May 4th.....WHAAAAT???

Craziness.... I can not believe how fast she is growing up!

She is currently obsessed with Strawberry Shortcake and has asked for a strawberry short cake birthday party...

so mama is starting to plan....

I've gotten a few ideas from should totally be following my boards...not to toot my own horn but my boards totally rock :)

I loved this idea! Strawberry Shortcake Kabobs! I'm thinking about pulling out my fondue set (which I still have yet to use..shhh) and having kabobs that you can dip in chocolate! YUM.

This dress is from etsy, and I LOVE will be mine, I mean, hers, the big girls.....soon.

Tablescape! How cute? love the pink and green table cloths!

side note: The Party City that was literally a hop, skip, and a jump from my house has closed down....damn economy.

So now, I have to hike 25 min. out of my way to the nearest store, which means my classic last-minute party runs are now a thing of the past, I'm going to have to be on my "A" game and get things done super early, so please send good luck thoughts to my scatter-brained self...they are greatly appreciated!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Things I love...

Daisies are my favorite, but I'm really loving yellow tulips right now...

I love rainy Sundays

I love how a fresh coat of paint can completely change a room (more to come on that)!

I love that the Big Girl calls Fruit loops, "froop loops"

I love that the twins give nose-ies ( what some people call eskimo kisses)

I LOVE that when I tell the Big Girl "I love you" she responds with "I love you MORE"

I love being a mom.

I love my husband.

I love that G reminds me so much of myself.

I love that A is so strong-willed

I love snuggles, and I love that my kids are content with reading the same book over and over again....and then once more :)

I love that the big girl refers to sweat pants as "cozy pants" because they are, and she's a genius for knowing it.

I love unsolicited hugs and kisses

I love popsicle time on the back porch!

and once Easter gets here, I'm personally gonna love on a Reuben Sandwich,

or a bacon cheeseburger

Or both....

at the same time :)

(I gave up meat for lent, if you can't tell)

I hope everyone else has a long list of "loves" and I hope you appreciate every single one of them, every single day :)

Friday, March 23, 2012

We play hard!

We're soppose to have a dreary, rainy mess on our hands tomorrow, so we decided to take full advantage of the gorgeous sunny 75+ degree weather today.

We were outside, blowing bubbles, throwing bouncy balls, and running around....

We played HARD!

That's not sun on her face, people, that's G breaking a major sweat from playing...she's just like me, I get so flushed and red whenever I get the slightest bit hot!

We even got some sprinkler time in....

while our clothes were still on! The big girl kept saying "I'm soaky wet mommy, and I like it"!!!

The babies liked it too....

What kid doesn't love a sprinkler???? It brought back major memories for me!

Here's to staying DRY tomorrow :)

Thursday, March 22, 2012

It ain't summer....

Everyone knows it's not summer until your kids are wearing crocs!!! I was so excited when the twins' crocs arrived in the mail yesterday, and they fit!!!!

The other weekend, we were out and about buying summer shoes and I was horrified when the classic style crocs weren't fitting the girls :(

The big girl wears an 8/9 perfectly but a 4/5 was too small and a 6/7 was way too big for the little ones. Of course they can't make a 5/6, that would have made the whole experience way too easy!

So, I was relieved when I found a different style online that was offered in whole sizes. I ordered a size 5 for both and held by breath....luckily they seem to be working out just fine! The style above is the Shayna style.

Their super cute, and I'm happy they will have a pair of crocs to get them through the warm weather months. If you haven't tried them out for your kids, you should! Their great, virtually indestructable and comfy...I used them as water shoes for the kids also when we use the neighborhood pool :)

Completely different topic....did anyone else get awesome thunderstorms last night???

I'm a sucker for a good thunderstorm, I love them!

I curled up on the couch with 2 of my favorite friends...

Yep, wine and goldfish!

The big girl was kind enough to allow me to watch Caillou with her :)

I'm one lucky mom!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


So, once we put St. Patrick's Day on the books, I hauled out my Easter Decorations and went to town...

This is my hutch, the first thing you see when you walk in my house ( cell phone pic, sorry if it's dark)

I love it!!! I got the SPRING banner from Target, and the bunny is left over from last year.

I'm heading to Michael's later today to scoop up some more stuff, my mantle needs some soon!

In other news, yesterday the twinners had their 18 month checkup!

18 months!?!?!? Where has the time gone! They were good as gold "reading" their books in the waiting room.

Only 2 shots :( but the Dr. said no more shots til their 4, so yay for that!

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Every girl needs pink shoes....

I know every parent says this, but my kid really is never going to be potty -trained!!!

The big girl will be 3 in May, and we are not even close to using the potty. She just won't do it. She loves big girl underwear, but when she has to "go" she asks for a diaper, and if I don't put one on her she holds "it", it got to the point where she actually backed herself up so bad, we had to give her a laxative. So, the Dr. said don't push the potty-training at that point, so we haven't.

But now, I feel like she's ready. She wakes up dry, goes long periods with out being wet, and she hides when she goes #2, soooo she definitely knows when she's "going".

She just won't sit on the potty. I'm starting to freak, because kids that are way younger than her are potty-trained. I keep telling myself, she'll do it when she's ready, but I'm starting to wonder if her being "ready" is ever going to happen.

So, I thought I'd nudge her along in the process. I went to Target and stocked up on goodies in the dollar section and put together this bad boy....

A potty basket!!!!! I told her if she got pee pee or poo poo in the potty, then she got to pick a present from the potty basket....I mean, this thing is sweet, what kid wouldn't love this!?!?!

I also got her a potty watch...

You can set it to go off every 30, 60, or 90 min. to remind your child it's time to sit on the potty. It's a good idea in theory. She loved the watch, but still refuses to sit on the potty, and she took one look at the basket and said

"That's so pretty mommy, but I'm not using potty"

Well, then.

You can get a potty watch here. I think it will be more useful once she's actually "using" the potty.

In other news, my SIL is in town visiting with her baby! It's so much fun when they come to town. Her daughter is only a week older than the twins, so it's always a good time seeing all the cousins play and interact with each other!

We had a girls day, and the kids had a blast!

We also got matching pink sparkly TOMS for all the girls :) Juliette calls them her "pink sparkly princess shoes"

And really, doesn't every girl need pink shoes ???

YES, yes they do!!!!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Trial and error

We are dealing with serious sickness over here, I'm going to spare everyone the nasty details but just take my word for it...twins with stomach viruses are not pretty.

I'm trying out my new blogger app for iPhone as we speak.. I may be a little slow, but I think it's pretty cool!

Anyways, I wanted to do a post about my pinterest recipes.... I've gotten some great ones!

The picture is of some pumpkin cupcakes I made the other day!

1 box of cake mix and 1 can of pumpkin purée..that's it!

No oil, no eggs! Easy peasy... Just bake at 350 for 20 min!

Enjoy, and I hope your day is running much smoother than mine!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

not such a great day...

See this guy???

Yea, well, I love him!

I'm a colts fan, and of courses a Peyton Manning fan, so naturally my heart has literally been aching since I found out last night, Peyton was getting released.


I'm not going to go in to all the circumstances, it's just a sad day around here.

I'm glued to NFL network coverage waiting for the noon press conference where it will be made official, and I will probably officially ball my eyes out.

As if this day wasn't going to be emotional enough, Annabelle decided to add some extreme vomit and diarrhea into the mix.

Oh yea, and she did all this in her crib.

When I strolled into the twins room this morning I had no idea the shit storm (no pun intended) I was about to encounter.

Poor baby threw up, had diarrhea so bad that it shot up the front of her diaper (moms, out there, you know the kind I'm talking about) and was all over her crib.

Her crib, her sheets, her hair, the floor....basically everywhere.

I'm still cringing thinking about it.

It's a straight-up miracle I was able to clean it up with out vomiting.

Things can never run too smoothly around here, then life would just be boring...right?

Happy Wednesday!