Saturday, April 24, 2010

Double the trouble or Double the fun????

I don't even deserve to have a blog, because of my recent laziness.

I'm so happy to be back on here, and writing again!

If you've been wondering what has been going on, then you are in luck, because I finally feel comfortable to talk about it!

Sooooo, yes I'm pregnant again, it feels like forever since I first posted about my shock/awe/amazement with the arrival of baby number 2. So imagine my husband and I's shock/awe/amazement when we found out we were expecting baby number 2 AND 3 at the same time!

Yes, it's TWINS!

How crazy is that? Twins! I never in a million years would have thought it would be is!

With twins, comes a lot of preparation, but even MORE worrying. At our first OB appointment, of course we were elated to see 2 little babies on the ultrasound screen, but our excitement was soon diminished when my OB told me he did not expect to see 2 babies at our next appointment.

Apparently it is something called "Vanishing Twin". Because of science being able to "see" a pregnancy so early now adays, many times although 2 babies are seen, one is eventually absorbed by the mother's body. The flood of emotions we went through was awful. What was perhaps even worse was that my OB said I would not feel the baby be absorbed, and there was nothing I could do to change the outcome. The babies were measuring about 4 days apart, and the smaller baby had a MUCH smaller sac than the bigger one.


The next 3 weeks were absolutely horrible. At our next appointment, I was prepared to only see one baby on the ultrasound screen, but was given incredible hope when 2 babies were still present, along with 2 very strong heartbeats! As great as this news was, my OB ( total Debbie Downer) said the sac was still very small, and he expected that the small baby's organs may not be present or work properly, which is usually the case when they see small sacs. He referred us to a perinatologist ( a high-risk OB). Apparently this is standard either way, because anytime multiples are involved, a pregnancy is considered "high-risk".

Add 3 more weeks of worrying. To make it EVEN harder, we weren't telling anyone we were expecting twins. All of our friends knew we were pregnant, but only immediate family knew we were expecting a duo. So, on top of worrying, there were only a limited group of people I could talk to about my feelings.

The perinatologist appointment was stressful, but promising. Two babies! Two heartbeats! All organs present, and working the way they were sopposed to be! The perinatologist gave us hope, he said that he believed one baby would simply just be smaller than the other, the only thing he wanted to see improve was the smaller baby's placenta, which apparently was much smaller than the bigger baby's.

Happily at our last appointment 2 babies were still there and looking GREAT! We go back to the perinatologist April 30th, and we are praying for more good news.

I must say, each visit, although nerve-wracking, is hopeful, and I truly believe I will be delivering TWO healthy babies!

Now, I am just trying to focus on keeping these babies in, for as long as I can!

Just writing about all of this, feels therapeutic somehow though. Please keep all our babies, but especially our twins in your thoughts and prayers. I know for sure, that every little bit helps!

I promise to keep everyone updated!