Monday, February 22, 2010

Sunday, February 21, 2010

My morning in a nutshell

7:20 wake-up

7:30 get LO, make bottle and feed her.

8:00 Let dogs out

8:01 Realize one of the dogs has taken a massive sh*t in the corner and my newly pro crawler is headed straight towards it.

8:02 pro crawler intercepted. I isolate the little one in her pack n play while I clean up the the massive steamer. LO screams the whole time....she hates the pack n play.

8:10 Finally, coffee

8:30 LO is bored and wants to be held, I put her in my lap while I try to watch some tv, she reaches for by coffee mug before I do. The result... Coffee all over the couch.

8:32 On my knees massively scrubbing my couch while my daughter has pulled herself up on her feet and is pulling my hair out of my head, just for fun.

9:00 books, and instruments with the baby.

9:30 morning nap (for the baby)

9:30 - 1o:30 fold laundry, add more clothes to the washer, clean the kitchen, got the spins, threw up, shower, get dressed.

10:30 make breakfast while the hubster finally gets out of bed and ventures downstairs.

11- baby is up, snack time.

11:30 "Babe I am so tired I just need to go upstairs and take like a 30 min. nap"

My husband responds "Your tired? What have you done besides eat breakfast?"

So because HIS day didn't start until 10:30 a.m that means I did NOTHING. Any woman who has EVER been pregnant knows how tired you get your first trimester. What a jerk. I made a huge scene and hammered it home that he was the WORST husband ever!

Needless to say, I got a relaxing day to myself while he took the baby on errands and entertained her, AND even came upstairs to check if "he could do anything for me" from time to time. Now that's more like it.

Friday, February 19, 2010


Pregnancy hormones suck. I was never sick when I was prego with LO, but I've been getting waves of nausea off and on for the past week with this pregnancy.

This morning was the absolute worse.

I get up with the baby, head downstairs to make her bottle and OF COURSE the sink is filled with dirty bottles (which still have formula in them) from the day before which my husband (who offered to clean them out) never cleaned.. Shocker.

So, I of course go ahead and begin cleaning the bottles. I turn on the hot water and begin dumping the bottles out. 2 bottles in, and I was done. The smell of the warm water mixing with the old formula made me heave. Once the heaving began, it was all over. I got sick all in the sink and ALL over the bottles I was in the middle of cleaning. EW.

So disgusting.

My daughter drinks out of the Dr. Browns Bottles, but thank god I still had my platex bottles with extra drop ins, because needless to say, I was NOT going to let her drink from the Brown's bottles. I've ran those things through the washing machine 3x today, and I'm still iffy about using them tomorrow.

Hopefully this sensitivity to smell, won't cause me to heave my brains all the time. I mean I'm the mother of a 9 month old I'm sure I'm going to be encountering many worse smells than warm old formula (I just gagged as I wrote that).


Saturday, February 13, 2010


So did anyone watch the opening ceremony of the Olympics last night?

Did anyone see the preview of the "We are the World" re-make?

Is it just me or did anyone else think that shit was totally wack?

My husband says I've been in a particulary "hateful" mood recently (I'm blaming the hormones) but I do admit, I have been hating hard core on that re-make. I like the idea behind it, helping Haiti, but I think the artists got in the way of the message (as they usually do).

I don't know what it was about it, maybe it wouldn't have been that bad if they hadn't shown the people actually singing. I mean, they were all making faces like they were constipated, and what the hell was Jeff Bridges doing in there? Isn't he an actor, I know he plays a singer in his movie that is out right now, but does that really qualify him to be a part of this gig? Honestly I think what ruined it for me, was Miley Cyrus and the Jonas Brothers. I don't care what anyone says, I just don't get them. I won't lie, I've jammed to Miley's "party in the USA" but only under the invisible shield of my car where no one can see me, except my daughter and she's too young to tell. The Jonas Brothers though? Really? I'm finding a hard time thinking of anything or anyone that annoys me quite as much as those kids....

I don't know, just getting my feelings out there.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


God has a sense of humor....

and it's NOT a funny one.

As you can guess I've been MIA (with good reason). You'll want to read this WHOLE post, I promise you won't be disappointed.

So, as you know we've moved in to our new house (fabulous) however after about 3 nights in, we had to pack up and ship out because we were having the hardwoods refinished. We left Monday morning with the promise that we would be back by Friday night.


Me, husband, and 9 month old baby go to my parents house for the week. Not only is it me, husband, 9 month old baby, grandma, grandpa, their 2 dogs, our 2 dogs, but my 2 brothers were there also.

I have never wanted to leave somewhere so quickly before in my whole life. I love my family, but damn. Too many people, too many pets, and to make matters worse, Richmond Virginia gets a foot of snow. Now we are all stranded in the same house with no hopes of getting out. At one point I really thought we were going to end up being THAT family, we've all heard the stories, someone snaps and offs everyone.

Not only are we stuck (together) but because of the massive storm system, the floor guys can't finish the job as fast as they thought. I'm praying that we may only have to stay 2 extra days TOPS, but nope, ANOTHER storm comes through, with MORE snow. Needless to say we were at my parents for a whole extra week!

Don't worry, we haven't even gotten to the best part yet.

So finally, we catch a break and we get to come back to our new home! Luckily our appliances (fridge, range, microwave, dishwasher) were getting delivered the next day, so although we were out of the house longer than expected it worked out okay. That is until ANOTHER snow storm busts through and the appliances can't get delivered! So we went through a whole snowed-in weekend with no appliances! If papa johns wasn't opened we would have starved!

As if all of this madness wasn't stressful enough, there was yet ANOTHER development.

I've been feeling a little off lately. Nothing to alarm myself, but enough "off" to know that something is up. For the life of me I just couldn't put my finger on it....and then it hit me, it hit me like an effing ton of bricks.

I couldn't be?

Well guess what? I am.

I'm pregnant.

I told you you wouldn't be disappointed if you read this whole thing.

I have a 9 month old little girl, and I am pregnant with baby no. 2.

My husband of course is so excited because he thinks it's a boy. I don't have the heart to tell him that I think it's a girl (and since I knew Juliette was going to be a girl from the time I got the positive prego test, I think my intuition is spot on).

We haven't told anyone and I mean anyone! (except you guys...I mean I have to talk to someone)! I really want to try and wait until LO's first birthday before it's all around town.

Although I wasn't expecting to be expecting again so soon, of course I'm excited about having another baby. The hardest part for me is, looking at my daughter and feeling like I'm taking away from "her" time. The babies will be about 18 months apart (which scares the shit out of me too). Seriously, do I have what it takes to handle 2 under 2???

Other than the extreme exhaustion though, I feel great! I'm looking forward to the second-time around, since I know what to expect, I'm feeling much more relaxed. I just have to keep telling myself it will be okay, and besides if it IS a cute will 2 little girls 18 months apart be?

I'm already on the name hunt, and my first appointment and ultrasound is the last week in Feb.

Soooo, how about THAT for a curveball?

Hope you enjoyed! Stay posted!