Thursday, June 30, 2011


Not really mysterious, just working on something fun!

I haven't posted in a while (and I hate that)!

But...I've been working on something fun! I'll fill you guys in soon, just wanted to check-in so no one thought I skipped out on my little ole blog!

Stay tuned...

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Growing Up

The twins are growing up so fast!

Their 9 mo. check up was today...9 months!

I seriously can not believe it!

We are shopping for new car seats because our girls are big and fat and barely fit into their infant carriers anymore, I'm planning their baptism, and their 1 year birthday is right around the corner.

5 weeks early? NICU stay?

You'd never know it, to look at my girls now. They have come so far, they amaze me every single day.

Although I'm thrilled my children are thriving, I can't help but wonder...

Where did these little girls go?

It's amazing how in the early days, when you aren't getting any sleep, you're juggling feedings every 2.5 hours, worrying about weight gain (your baby's, that is) and not remembering the last time you feel like those days will last forever. When will it get easier? When will things even out? Those early days, freshly home from the hospital, it seemed like time stood still.

Now, I'm wondering where has the time gone?

I know, this will only get worse as the kids grow. One day they will be graduating high school, then college, walking down the aisle, and then bringing their own children into the world. I know I'll be thinking to myself, weren't they just babies? Where did the time go?

So, for now, I'm just enjoying my sweet babies, while they are still babies. And I'm going to do my best, not to blink :)

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Happy Vacay

I'd love to report that our vacation was filled with easy-going beach vibes, relaxation, good summer reads, and easy-listening music...

BUT we were on vacation with 3 kids.
In all seriousness though, it was not as bad as I was expecting it to be. The kids did amazing on the 3 hour car trip down to the beach. The twins were so overwhelmed by the change of scenery and the amount of "new" people (a lot of my aunts and uncles were staying in the same house), that they were exhausted and literally slept like, well, babies, at night and during their naps!

I was actually able to lay out in the sun enough to come home burned...not to worry though, it's set- in to a nice looking tan by now :) We were actually able to get some beach time as well. I was worried the Big Girl was going to be a handful with all the "new-ness" around. But she was SO GOOD, she wanted to experience it all, so she was on her best behavior!

Her first reaction to seeing the beach, couldn't have been better.....

She was seriously screaming with excitement!

The pool was a hit also. Although my parents have a pool in their backyard and she got to experience it last summer, she was only a year old, and wasn't all that "in" to it.

I'm happy to report though, my daughter is definitely part fish :)

There were lots of "firsts" this trip, such as,

Me, feeling comfortable enough to be photographed in a swimsuit (never mind the child is hiding most of my body, accident? hmmm..)

Kisses on the beach...

Babies playing in plastic tubs (It's all about containment folks) did I mention, both babies figured out how to get on their knees and shuffle while at the beach?? I repeat, It's all about containment!

Finally, feeling brave enough to throw all 3 kids in the tub at the same time! Much more economical, and they all actually enjoy it!

Gabrielle's first adventure in the pool!

As, I said above, realizing my daughter is part-fish...

Annabelle's first time in the pool!

A trip to the lighthouse

And a family pictures...nothing better :)