Sunday, July 31, 2011


The Twins have been baptized!!!!

So happy, for my sweet little angels!!!

I've been gone from blogging for what seems like forever! I miss it!

We've been slam busy with new business ventures and our house falling apart!

Our A/C broke yesterday!!! Hello?? Not sure about everyone else, but Richmond, Virginia is experiencing one hell of a heat wave, So no A/C is a big freaking deal! It got up to 85 degrees in the house! Needless to say, we had to pack everyone up and head to my parents house.

Thank the lord, one of my best girlfriends came through...her dad works in the heating and air industry, and saved the day by filling up our freon and replacing a capacitor...hello cool air!!!!!!

On the other hand, we still have the looming problem of our leaky bathroom. Our Master Bath is upstairs directly over our den. We discovered the ceiling in our den was leaking, so we opened up the ceiling and sure enough, the drain from the Master Bath Shower was cracked and leaking water....NOT GOOD!!!

The verdict is the builder of the house did not install the drain properly, and what's worse, isthe home inspector let him fly!

So frustrating, apparently our story is not at all unique. Once you have something like this happen in your home, you immediately hear stories from other people who had similar issues!

So, it looks like we may be renovating our master more thing on my plate...never a break!

I wanted to share some pictures with you all from the Baptism, it was such a beautiful day, and I'm so, so blessed to have such sweet children (all 3 of them) however you won't see any pictures of the Big Girl, because she was not so cooperative on the day of the baptism.

When I say not so cooperative, I mean running away and screaming every time we'd try and get a picture with her in it! Ahhhhh, the terrible two's...we have arrived!

The Spread!

Gabrielle Marie, being baptized!

Annabelle Grace being baptized!

All of us, with the girls godparents and Father Adrian!

My sweet little angels!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Stella & Dot

I am officially a Stylist for Stella & Dot jewelry!!!

I am beyond excited about this new venture! I've known about Stella & Dot for some time now, but never thought it was a possibility for me to work for such an amazing company.

Well, I'm happy to say I'm open for business!

So what's my job as a Stylist?

To Style you!

I'm the go-to person to help you find jewelry for that special occasion, or even to help you begin to build your jewelry wardrobe.

"Have Jewelry, Will Travel" is my motto!

I literally will bring tons of sample jewelry pieces to you! You can hold a fabulous trunk show for all of your friends, and everyone gets to try on this fabulous jewelry! As a hostess/host, you also get the opportunity to get FREE jewelry! Who doesn't love that!?!?!

To learn more about this amazing company, you can go here.

To browse our collection (which is fabulous) and purchase pieces, you can go here.

Whether you're local to my area or not, I can still help you find that perfect piece or explain some of our best-selling collections, if you are local to Richmond, Virginia, I would love to do a trunk show for you! You can e-mail me directly through my site, here.

Also, follow me on Twitter, to learn about our latest sales, specials, and debut's.

Our Fall 2011 line debut's later this week, it's already getting buzz from Vogue, In Style, and Lucky!

Stay tuned to check out the new pieces!

Happy Stylin'