Monday, November 14, 2011

Christmas in my bones

The 70 degree day today in Richmond, didn't damper my excitement for CHRISTMAS!!!!

It literally is taking everything I have to wait until next friday to start decorating. I have been planning though....

I've always wanted to have a Christmas Tree in every room of my house


I think NOT!!!

It's a work-in-progress...

this year we will have the family tree in the den, a tree in the playroom (which we did last year as well) and a tree in my bedroom!

I want to do the trees in different themes and of course expand to different themes as we add more trees!

I've been really excited about the playroom tree, because I want it to be fun, kiddie, and use lots of pinks, light blues, and lime colors. I was thinking of the theme "babes in toyland" or "sugarplum fairies" when I came across this gem

Isn't is swoon-worthy??

I mean how much fun is that tree? It's awesome, any kid would go crazy for that!

As far as our den...

Our stockings are red and green, and very whimsical meets who-ville style. So for our family tree in the den, I really want just red, green, holly jolly type of decorations

like this one...

mixed, with this one...


I got these awesome pictures from trendy tree. They sell decorations as well! I haven't completely decided what theme to go with in my bedroom, but I'm thinking "silver and gold" or "old world christmas"

Don't worry, I'll let you know, the second I decide!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Punched in the face

Well, Annabelle had surgery yesterday.

Nothing too major, she had to get tubes put in her eyes.

I know, sounds weird, right?

Basically, her tear ducts don't drain properly, Gabby had the same issue as well. The Drs. put stints in both of the girls eyes, to help flush out the tear ducts. The procedure worked wonders for Gabby, but of course, poor Annabelle had to have surgery to correct hers.

We were at the surgery center bright and early yesterday morning. The surgery took about an hour.

I hate surgery.

Especially when it involves your kids, it's just so nerve-racking and scary.

Poor baby made it through just fine, but she literally looks like she's been punched in the face! She has 2 black eyes, and because her tear ducts were so small, the Drs. had to pull back some of her nasal tissue to make the tubes fit, so she's been having chronic nose-bleeds.

Last night was ROUGH, needless to say!

I just feel so bad for her, her first year of life, her second surgery, she has just been through so much!

I'm happy it's over though!

In other news, who else is hating the time-change!

Forget the kids, I'm having the hardest time of all adjusting!

Boo "Fall, Back" you are not my friend!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Giving it a fair shake

Well, the halloween decorations have been boxed up and stored away for next year!

It literally took everything I had, not to put up my Christmas decorations!

I just LOVE Christmas!!!

Once Halloween is over, it's officially Christmas season. However, with the hustle and bustle of Christmas cheer, many of us tend to overlook Thanksgiving.

Don't get me wrong, Thanksgiving is an awesome holiday as well :) Mainly because I don't have to cook the whole dinner, I just get to pack my little family up and head over to my grandmother's house to enjoy all of her hard work! ha!

Seriously though, I love Thanksgiving, and I often feel bad for it, because it doesn't get a fair shake.

So, in order to give this "thankful" holiday a chance to be enjoyed and not just overlooked, I high-tailed it to Michael's craft store to get some decorations.

Insert lonely bird chirp here.

It was jammed full of Christmas trees, lights, wreaths, candy canes...I mean, can a girl find some pilgrims and turkeys anywhere???!!!

After some searching, I eventually found some appropriate Thanksgiving decorations, there were slim-pickings, but fortunately they were 60% off!!! Awesome, although then I felt bad, because I know Christmas deco would never get treated like that, the only time Christmas deco is 60% off is when Christmas is OVER!

Poor, Thanksgiving!

So, I've decorated my house with ceramic gourds, those "harvest-looking" people and lots of fake fall leaves....Thanksgiving, you WILL be appreciated this year!!!!

I have to admit, I am enjoying the new decorations, perhaps not quite as much as my garland, stockings, and christmas lights, but it is nice to celebrate and enjoy one holiday at a time.

So, I'm enjoying my Thanksgiving decorations, while surfing the web, finding the perfect Christmas Cards to send out this year!

I mean, I'm still allowed to enjoy the anticipation of Christmas, right??!

Friday, November 4, 2011


So, I'm a little theme-obsessed when it comes to Halloween and the kids! Last year, the big girl was a monkey and the twins were bananas!!!!


So this year, I was racking my brain trying to figure out what theme I would go with, and alas...

Little Bo Peep and her Sheep!!!

They were all so cute, but I have to say, the fact that we got ANY pictures was a miracle. The Big Girl was coming off of a stomach bug and she was not in a good mood, and not in the mood for pictures. The twins oddly enough, LOVED their costumes. For kids that don't keep hair bows in their hair, I was shocked they kept their "sheep" hats on!

Gabby Sheep!

Annabelle Sheep!

Bo Peep!!!


Happy Halloween!!!!