Wednesday, June 13, 2012


I love fan favorite sales, because YOU get to pick the items you want discounted!!!!

The results are in, and sale prices are good until Thursday, so don't miss out!

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These are great pieces, and simple ways to add some flare to any summertime outfit :) I wear my labrodorite ring all the time!

Get on it!

Friday, June 8, 2012

Favorites, Friday!

Happy Friday! 

This week has brought a lot to love, but here's just a few snippets....

This isn't a chain, so you can only enjoy if you're a Richmond local (sorry)! Other than my house, this is my favorite place to be! They make they're own ice cream, whip cream, and roast their coffee beans to order! Their ice cream is seriously SO GOOD, I treat myself to at least one root beer float a week, and I'm always in there for their coffee of the day, and a banana split here and there! I can't say enough about how great this place is, you just need to check it out for yourself!

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2) Target Bathing Suits

I mean for $12.99 how can you beat this kind of cuteness :)

3) Ballerinas

We had dress rehearsal last night for the BIG RECITAL which is tomorrow! That's my Big girl on the left end! These girls were so much fun to watch...their excitement was contagious, it's safe to say, they will totally steal the show tomorrow :)

4) The weather

The weather has been UHHH-MAZING this week! Think high 60's, low 70's nice and breezy. It's been feeling like a warm fall day, and I like it! We've been outside all day everyday, the breeze is keeping the bugs away, and the cool temps are keeping my kids from overheating.  I love summer, but I dread the scorching heat we get here in the south, so it's nice to have a nice laid back and breezy week!

5) San Francisco!

We are heading to sunny San Fran in August (sans kids) for my husband's cousin's wedding! I'm so excited, although I'm nervous about leaving the kids, I'm excited to have some grown-up time as well :)

Happy Friday!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Filling the void..

So, I've been on a book kick lately! 

It started with the Hunger Games, continued with 50 shades of Grey, and ended with the Twilight Series and now I have a major void in my life.

I've started reading a biography on Catherine the Great, it's really good (I'm a history buff, so don't roll your eyes, I enjoy reading this kind of stuff)!

Anyways, it's really good, but I want another fiction story/series that really gets me hooked.

A friend of mine told me about this site, What should I read next?

you type in the book you've just finished and then it pulls up recommended books to read!


So, when I typed in Hunger Games, I had a few suggestions, but this one caught my eye....

I love the show (don't tell me ANYTHNG, I haven't watched the finale yet) so I think the books will probably be amazing, and it's a nice long story for me to get good and settled in to.

When I typed in 50 shades of Grey, this caught my eye...

I haven't heard of this, but it seems intriguing.

I'm not one to quit a book in the middle, so once I finish reading about good ole' Catherine, I'll be moving on to one of these series!

Which one to start first???