Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Friday and Monday

Sorry I missed my new mom tip Friday and yesterday's "My favorite things."

I have been dealing with a sick puppy! Oscar, our bulldog had to go to the vet to have eye surgery on his "cherry eye" and have his hotspots treated. Bulldogs are A LOT of work, but he's worth all of it :) He came home Saturday, and I have been taking care of the little guy. He has an e-collar (the lampshade) and lots of meds, so It's been a job in itself just keeping him on track!
He's doing great though, and will be back to normal in no time.

So, My New Mom Tip this week has to be....pick your battles.

This was especially true for me this weekend. It is impossible for you to hold your baby ALL the time. There are things you HAVE to get done. I know I try to get my laundry going, and clean, and catch up on dishes while my LO is sleeping, because of course when she is awake I try to give her lots of attention! However, sometimes you just have to put them down, even if they scream their head off, and get what you need to get done, done. This weekend, I had a whole house to clean, LOADS of laundry to catch up on, and a sick dog, who has about a million meds, and was unable to control his bladder because of the anesthesia from his surgery. So, I had a lot to deal with, and I HAD to let my baby cry it out until I was able to get her and play with her to calm her down. It's never easy to hear your baby cry, but I just had to keep telling myself, it's not going to cause any permanent damage and the quicker I can get these things taken care of, the quicker I can get her and comfort her. Sometimes you just have to pick your battles, and surprisingly, babies are pretty clever, and learn to self-sooth and entertain themselves, and instantly forgive you when you show up to scoop them up in your arms!!!!

My favorite things:

Smiling!!!! It's not a product this week. This weekend (as I said) has been incredibly hectic. LO has been waking up a lot in the middle of the night because she has a little cough that is making her really uncomfortable. Even though it's so hard and draining to be woken up by crying in the middle of the night/early, early morning. It stops being hard when I get to her crib and we lock eyes. She immediately stops crying and a huge smile spreads over her face and she gives me a little giggle. Genuinely happy to see me! Nothing can beat that feeling! That's why her sweet smile, is DEFINITELY my favorite thing!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

New Mom Tip


Sorry, I missed the new mom tip yesterday. It was a crazy hectic day..our bulldog Oscar, had to have surgery on his cherry eye :( I was on pins and needles until I heard from the Vet...but everything is okay, and I'm picking him up within the hour! yay!

Now, on to the tip!

Everyone knows how important it is to wash the bottles and nipples etc. I use Dr. Brown's Bottles AND the Playtex drop-ins. The drop-ins are great when I'm out and about because I can just throw away the mess instead of carrying around a dirty bottle. I religiously clean my Dr. Brown's bottles, and if you use these bottles, then you know that you not only have to clean the bottle and the nipple but also the stems. No big deal, I have a pretty good system down, and I have the drop-in as back up if I'm running all my bottles through the washing machine. So that being said, I never use the tops of the bottle (the top that covers the nipple). I guess they are used mostly when you travel with the bottles but as I said I use the drop-ins when I travel. I can not even tell you the last time I put a top on a Dr. Brown bottle but I seriously think it has to have been in the earlier stages of when LO first came home from the hospital. I'm horrified to admit I have NEVER washed the tops to the bottles!!!!

I never think about it because I never use them. They have been sitting on the top of my window ledge above my kitchen sink FOREVER. Well, I was cleaning up the other day and noticed the tops...I picked them up and was just going to toss them in the trash and that is when I saw IT. MOLD! Ewwwwwwwwww.......EFFING GROSS!

I immediately washed them out and THEN threw them away! Ha, don't ask me why I needed to clean them before I threw them in the trash, but I did! So, I figured this was an excellent tip for all of those moms who actually USE the tops to their bottles ....remember, they need to be cleaned regularly as well!!!! Uggh...I shutter to think how disgusting and awful it would have been if I randomly decided to use one of those tops without looking inside of it....yuck! So, hopefully my yucky mistake will benefit everyone else! WASH THOSE TOPS!!!!

Monday, August 17, 2009

My favorite things, Monday


So, this Monday's segment is not going to be about favorite things for my LO, but a favorite thing of MINE!

If you are anything like me, your stretch marks came around the last month of your pregnancy and have been around ever since! Mine, are still the purple squiggly line looking ones. I picked up some bio oil because one of my friends recommended it, and I LOVE IT!!! I've been using it for about 2 1/2 weeks and can already see a difference. You can use it on scars, and uneven skin tone too. I use it twice a day and don't know how I've been this long without...I wish I had known about it DURING my pregnancy, but oh well, better late than never! Check it out if you haven't already!

Friday, August 14, 2009

New Mom Tip


I figured I do two new mom tips today since I missed one last week. Both of these tips are going to be about formula!

Tip #1 Hoarding isn't a bad thing!

Formula is expensive. When I had my baby I tried to nurse and pump but the reality was, eventhough I was nursing and pumping I still had to supplement with formula from time to time. I found the ready to feed was the easiest in the early days. You just pop it in the fridge and pour it in the bottle when you need it. I especially liked the ready to feed more than the powder because in the first few weeks LO was only eating 1-2 oz. every 2-3 hours, so for me, it was easier to just dump the already made mixture in the bottle and be ready to go. I use the powder now, but no matter which type you choose they are all pricey. Eventhough I was hell bent on breastfeeding my child, I wish I had stocked up on formula BEFORE I had her. The powder especially lasts a long time. As long as you don't open the package, the powder is good for 3 years! If you know you are going to go the formula route, you really should stock up on formula throughout your pregnancy. Once the baby comes there are about a million other things you will be buying, so it's nice if you already have a stockpile of formula. If you know you are going to try and breastfeed, stocking up on formula isn't jinxing yourself. It's good to always be prepared, and if you are one of those people who are able to breastfeed your child exclusively for the first year, more power to you, but there's no harm in having an emergency stash around! So, stock up now...it will be easier on you in the long run!

Tip #2 Convenience is EVERYTHING!

This tip is inpired by my recent 14 hour road trip (I still shutter when I think about it). Traveling is an ordeal anyways but add an infant into the mix and it can be down right extremely overwhelming! I touched a little bit on the ready to feed formula in my Tip#1, but for traveling the ready-to-feeds are a MUST! I used the ready-to-feed bottles, where all you have to do is shake, attach a nipple (to the actual container the formula comes in) and you're ready to feed your baby. They come in 8 oz. packages, so although I only used 5-6 oz. out of one of the bottles, the convenience was worth the wasted 2 oz.! I just had to shake the container, attach a nipple, and throw what I didn't use, away. No worrying about mixing, and washing while on the road....one less thing to think about! So, if road trips or any kind of traveling are in your future, I highly reccommend you check these ready-to-feed bottles out!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Monday, August 10, 2009

My favorite things, Monday


I just got one of these last week and LOVE IT! More importantly though, LO loves it too. Once your baby is able to support their neck and head you can put them in the bumbo. It allows babies who have head control but aren't able to sit yet on their own, sit! It works really great, and offers an alternative to me holding her, her swing, or her play mat :)

They also sell trays that snap on the front, for toys, and even for snacking. I didn't buy the tray because I wanted to make sure LO would actually use the bumbo, but she loves it, so I'm def. going to go get the accessory tray. It's made out of this soft but stiff foamy kind of material and is really easy to wipe down and clean, which is a MAJOR plus for me! Check the Bumbo out, if you haven't already!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Wordless Wednesday....on a Thursday

Turned out Dark..but still love it:) Cape Cod!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

We're Back!

Came home 2 days early from our cape trip. We were homesick, and honestly a vacations isn't much of a vacation with an infant. We were able to get her out on the beach one evening and got some great pics, she loved the ocean breeze and the sound of the waves! We accomplished all we wanted to with the trip, the main goal was to introduce LO to OH family and they all got to meet her! Happy to be home in my OWN house though :)