Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Hello All!

Hey guys...

I've been sooooo busy lately, with Annabelle's surgery for her hemangioma removal, new furniture for our den, other fixer-upper projects around the house and just the normal day-to-day chaos that I've had no time to blog. (insert sad face)

Hopefully, that will change now that I'm starting to get in the groove....

All kids are on a great schedule at home ( please don't jinx), my house is somewhat orderly, and life is just plain good.

I want to remind everyone to follow me on twitter :) When I'm so busy and don't have the time to sit down and blog, I try to update my status from my phone, so you can always get a snippet of what's going on if you check twitter out!

Right now my latest obsessions are the train-wreck that is Charlie Sheen ( I just can't get enough), making baby food for the twins (it's seriously so easy I can't believe I never thought of doing it with the Big Girl), Wii Fit (so much fun) and contemplating a return to school ( you know, because I have soooo much free time on my hands).


Who else is totally ready for Spring???

I know I am!

Keep checking back!