Monday, March 1, 2010

In Recovery

I'm recovering from the worst cold in the history of humanity.

I'm sure the cold was only made worse by the fact that the little nutrients I have going into my system, are being sucked up by the baby. I swear to you, I was in bad for 4 straight days (gasp). My husband was great about getting up with the baby and taking care of her while I slowly died upstairs in the bedroom. Pounding head, completely congested, then ridiculous draining which upset my stomach and sent me vomiting at least 2 times any given day.

However when Moms get sick, noone really takes care of them. My husband took care of our child, but take care of me also?? I mean honestly, how can a man possibly juggle and child and a sick woman???

NEVERMIND, when my husband is sick, I kick in to registered nurse mode (which I am far from in real life). I make sure he has a cold compress for his head, I fluff his pillows, I draw him a bath, I make sure he is taking his medicine at the proper hourly intervals, I make sure gatorade and chicken noodle soup are available at all times, and yes I even encourage him to

"Stay in bed for another day honey, I know your feeling better, but you don't want to do too much too fast".

All of this, while keeping up with laundry, disinfecting the house like a mad woman, taking care of the baby and keeping the house presentable.

Well, all I have to say right now, is I am not even sure what I found growing in a cup in my kitchen this morning. All I can tell you is that it DID send me into a morning sickness fit!

Don't even get me started on the laundry either, I know for a fact my husband knows how to work the washer and dryer, but he said he just didn't have time. Apparently watching the baby IS the hardest job EVER ( interesting he never acts that way when I'M the one who is watching her 24/7.

In all honesty though, it IS a miracle I am even here. My husband didn't come up to check on me even once while I was sick. No chicken noodle soup, no cold compress, no gatorade. It's a miracle I didn't die from dehydration. I've never wanted my own mother so bad in my life.

I think guys are just wired differently. There is nothing nurturing about them. NOTHING.

I love my husband, however the next time I'm sick, I'll be camping out at my parents, where I'm pampered and treated like I'm 12 years old.