Tuesday, September 4, 2012

We survived North Carolina!

We survived our road trip, and I have to say, the kids did much better than I was anticipating.

It was so much fun to celebrate their cousin's birthday, and they had a blast sleeping the night in a hotel room!

Remember when you were a kid, how much fun hotels were??? Well the girls loved it!

We made it home safe, and thankfully didn't hit traffic, we also survived our poolside cookout yesterday!


The twins turn 2 on Friday and are having their party on Saturday!

I can't wait to post pictures, their theme is bookworms :)

I have to give myself a little shout out on this one, because the twinners are so anit-TV it's not even funny. So, they aren't "in" to any characters that most kids are like mickey or curious george. 

But, they LOVE books! So bookworm theme was born!

We also have open house on Friday to meet their teachers, and I am way excited about that as well :)

Busy week! I'll keep the posts comin!

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